Aloha, Eh!

April 30, 2018 – May 26, 2018

We are bringing together two unlikely partners – pineapple pizza and Ontario Craft Beer with Beau’s Farmtable Saison!

Our Pizza

The Great Debate: Pancetta, pineapple, red onion, and spicy banana peppers. 15.99 whole pizza | or 12.99 half pizza and garden salad.

** We call our pineapple pizza the Great Debate because pineapple is a largely debated pizza topping, so much so that the Prime Minister of Iceland in 2017 mentioned he would ban it as a pizza topping if he could. Should pineapple be on pizza? YES!

Our Beer

Saison pours slightly hazy pale yellow with dense white foam. Aromas of tropical fruit such as PINEAPPLE intermingle with white pepper and classic farmhouse character. Peppery and fruity intonations punctuate the flavour. The finish is brisk and lively.

Pineapple Flatbread Pizza Promo Image for the Aloha, Eh? Promotion.